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I created WHOLE BEAUTY MD as a Spiritual Healing platform and ministry to help you find WHOLENESS through your connection with Spirit. By embodying the Sovereignty of Your Higher Self and True Divine Consciousness with my guidance - you can activate your own innate ability to heal from lifes challenges.


From my own experience, I believe that Spiritual healing with the modalities I use - can provide complete recovery from mental, emotional and physical distress where conventional medicine and talk therapy alone may not be providing you the help and change you are seeking.


Spiritual practice has taught me that we were not originally designed to suffer or to be in want of anything.  We were designed to live in harmony as sovereign co-creators of the overflowing abundance that is available to us here on Earth. Your Divine inheritance includes all of your earthly needs being met - as well as receiving ALL of your heart's desires. It is Source's will for you to prosper in every area of your life. 

I offer you my presence and healing gifts - Quantum Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy Clearings, Spiritual Mentorship, Affirmative Prayer, Horse Guided Healing and Healing Retreats to create a sacred, authentic, supportive space to heal, explore and embody your true freedom as a creator of all things good and a cellulare soul - remembrance of your true self, like never before. Celebrating your Truth and supporting your empowerment makes me so happy!


If you are a professional, middle-aged women who has experienced distressing and/or disturbing events in your life and are tired of living with unresolved challenges year after year  - I am especially eager to help you. I understand how disempowered you may feel from the personal experiences with the darker energies and agendas of life that never seem to end. I did not recieve help that worked until midlife - when I was exhausted, unbalanced in every way, feeling older than my years, riddled with chronic pain and showing signs of dis - ease that doctors never seemed to be able to figure out.


I also know that you can step far beyond the impact of any challenge you may be experiencing.... with faith, support and Spiritual tools - you will  KNOW that what was never lost - can be returned to you now.

I want you to feel WHOLE AND BEAUTIFUL again. And I am confident that I can show you how.

Join me to awaken your endless life force and light within so that you can soar!!


Healing, health and happiness have always been the driving force in Margo’s career 

and many formal credentials support her work as a Mediphysical Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Spiritual Response Therapist: 


Margo is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from UBC and Cognitive Therapist with post graduate training in Cognitive Therapy from the Beck Institute in Philadelphia PA. She obtained her Coaching Certification from the Coaches Training Institute and a second degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. She is an Ordained Minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics and trained in both Reiki and Reconnective Healing. Most recently Margo has been certified as a Medical Medium and Quantum Healer under world renowed Healer, Marlene Allen, in Body Power Quantum Healing Technologies and is an Advanced Certified Spiritual Response Therapist.Margo is also formally trained in trauma physiology and trauma healing.

Margo believes in MIRACLES.

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