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10 WEEKS TO YOUR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING is a guided activation series – where you will ignite a direct connection to Spirit, for the illumination of your Soul's HIGHEST DESTINY and authentic expression in this lifetime.

This process will help you detach from the conscious control of your mind, ego attachments, negative motivations and the codependent patterns that block your TRUTH. With consistent access to the high frequency energies of Spirit, you will raise your consciousness to the highest level of LOVE and above, so that you can embody your Spiritual Essence, Creative Force, Innocence, Eternal Power and your Worth. With your Omnicient Source on board - your will energetically transform anything that is in your way, be it conscious or unconscious - and often immediately! 

This course is for you if you are a lightworker, leader or entrepreneur and you know that you were meant for more. Perhaps you experience unresolved trauma, anxiety, fears, limiting beliefs, self doubt, a desire to escape, an overwhelming sense of responsibility to things outside of yourself, self punishment, appeasement or guilt - and you know that a simple shift in mindset is not sustainable or enough to set you free!!  Awakening to Spirit is the surest way to heal and manifest your dreams! Simply set an intention, press play and let these activations TRANSFORM!!

Trust that you were guided here... and allow yourself to receive all that is here for you NOW.

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