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Spiritual hygiene is an important part of your morning and evening routine and should be incorporated into your life DAILY to support direct healing and the manifestation of your dreams. It can be used to clear negative energies from your energy field and body -and can also set up shields of protection to maintain the integrity of your whole System - and SOUL.

One of my favorite Spiritual hygiene practises is the UNIFIED CHAKRA MEDITATION. This meditation works to bring the higher frequency energies of Spirit into, through and around the body - which many believe is the single most beneficial spiritual practise you can do to create healing and remove the denser energies in your system that are blocking your highest and best good.

The Unification Chakra Meditation is designed to balance and harmonize your chakras to stay open and connected to all aspects of your multidimensional Self and Spirit in the Quantum - so that you can allow the flow of your Spiritual Essence and the unified field of light to flow through your system from Crown to Root to expand your Consciousness more and more with practice.

By practicing the Unified Chakra Meditation regularly, you will train the different parts of yourself to merge, so that you can be more present to yourself as a Whole Being aligned with the guidance, support and direct healing available to you from Spirit. You will deepen your conviction that all is well in the world and live your own HEAVEN ON EARTH with more ease. It will also help screen out other peoples energies and projections because it will form a bubble of protective light around you that will allow you to handle vaster and vaster frequencies and will act like a force field around you.

Let me guide you through this practice.

You can book a session HERE to learn how.

Following your session I will send you a written copy of the meditation that you can incorporate into your daily routine for direct healing & the manifestation of more freedom, love, joy, abundance & prosperity like never before.

It takes practice and cultivation to create CHANGE.

I am here to support you... all the way HOME.



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