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1:1 Session with Margo

Personalized guidance from Margo in a online 1:1 session

  • 250 Canadian dollars

Service Description

SURRENDER TO THE PURE CONSCIOUSNESS OF SPIRIT for direct healing, the manifestation of freedom breakthroughs AND YOUR HIGHEST DESTINY in personalized and channelled sessions with Margo! One on one we will work with Spirit through - Guided Meditation, Spiritual Response Therapy, MULTIDIMENSIONAL Healing, Inquiry and Affirmative Prayer to clear all blocks, accumulated negtive energies and beliefs, at the root of your challenges. And together, we will re-establish new, supportive vibrational frequencies stepped down from the Divine into your energy fireld on all levels of consciousness to bring you back to WHOLENESS, This is a profound, ACTIVE and direct Spiritual process of SOUL AWAKENING where you will awaken to pure consciousness, create your own inner healing, remember WHO YOU TRULY ARE & know from deep within What is REAL.

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