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1:1 Spiritual Healing Sessions
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If you are ready to create MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION in your life for more meaning, purpose, connection, healing, health, wealth and JOY, I’d love to show you how working with Spirit can create DRASTIC AND IMMEDIATE CHANGE for you with EASE.


I have empowered hundreds of clients around the world to heal spiritually and become the Conscious Co Creators of their own aligned FREEDOM. 


Are you looking to… 

  • Heal psychic wounds or blocks that leave you with symptoms of suffering such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, self sabotage, trauma, relationship difficulties scarcity PAIN or chronic health problems

  • Manifest the life of your desires but keep coming up short bc subconscious patterns and old stories are keeping you stuck. 

  • Step into more vitality, joy, wISdom , prosperity,  love, faith, trust, clarity, alignment, forgiveness, innocence, health, peace of mind, grace and      wholeness with EASE.

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Types of Healing Included in 1:1 Sessions

Spiritual Response Therapy

Self discovery healing sessions to research and clear discordant energies and programs that are causing you challenges in your life.

As blocks are identified and cleared with the help of Spirit, we can create newfound space for clarity, abundance, alignment and purpose. We will also re establish new ideas and energies on all levels of consciousness for wholeness and inspired change.


These sessions are done on the phone or via Zoom to provide ease and freedom - emotionally, physically, mentally and Spiritually. Visit the Whole Beauty Q&A page for more details about SRT.


Spiritual prayer can bring into actual manifestation, the health, happiness and prosperity which are your NORMAL AND DIVINE heritage. Affirmative prayer treatments incorporate a conscious recognition that health, happiness and prosperity have always been yours - that they are your ABSOLUTE TRUTH NOW - and are the very essence of your being forevermore. They can create a new set point of attraction for you once we have identified what it is that we need to re establish on your consciousness for change.

I can do prayer treatments for you, and I can also teach you how to do Affirmative Prayers for yourself and loved ones.

Specific Affirmative Prayers have been channelled for those wanting to create HIGHER SELF MASTERY, and are available for purchase via my self directed programs page .

Spiritual Coaching & MultiDimensionalHealing

Understanding Spiritual Principles and Practises that are available to you will enhance your healing and manifestation outcomes and will bring you Spiritual Maturity.


Tried and true principles that have brought Mytics to enlightenment for centuries are available to you to support direct healing and conscious manifestation today. Step into your own Spiritual Practise, with my help - and watch your love, faith, clarity, alignment and world expand!! See the Spiritual Principles from which I work by visiting the Q&A page



Incorporating guided meditation

into our sessions will deepen your awareness that you have all that you need within yourself for healing and wholeness, with the added benefits of:


-Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations.

-Building skills to manage your stress.

-Increasing self-awareness.

-Focusing on the present.

-Reducing negative thoughts and emotions.

-Increasing imagination and creativity.

-Increasing patience and tolerance.

Guided Healing

This is an opportunity for you to experience the magic of  horse medicine for Spiritual Healing.


This process is based on an emotionally intimate and sacred partnership with the horse where the greatest potential for health and well-being can be found. The horses engage you in experiential learning –  and through the reflections of your time together - you will gain knowledge, acquire skills, deep awareness and enhance values from this direct experience. The process reinforces new perceptions of change and promotes the integration of wholeness and pure consciousness into your daily life.

It has been said that horse-assisted healing can effect change more rapidly than other modalities because instead of actively seeking to intellectually resolve past issues, new patterns of thought, feeling and somatic experience are being created and strengthened organically.

Work with me as your Soul Centered Mentor and neutral channel, alongside Spirit to reveal and release all blocks, and accumulated, discordant energies that prevent you from accessing your Highest Blueprint for WHOLENESS - and together we will re establish new ideas and energies on all levels of consciousness for your desired SUCCESS.

One on one sessions are a profound Spiritual process of remembering your highest and best good and all that is possible for you from the pure consciousness available to you within yourself and the Quantum Field.

Direct healings with SPIRITUAL RESPONSE THERAPY & MULTIDIMENSIONAL ENERGY HEALING in one on one sessions have been shown to be very accurate and have created drastic shifts in as little as one session!! Shifts include: relief from mental, emotional and physical suffering, newfound energy and vitality, unwavering faith, clarity, confidence to step into inspired action, sustainable change, feelings of contentment and ease, a deep understanding of all that is and relief in knowing that there is so much more available to you than meets the eye - FAITH.


We can also include Horse Guided Healing into your One on One Session to strengthen the integration of what you discover through Spirit.


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What to expect from the experience

All sessions begin with a brief centering and grounding meditation to establish the awareness of your OWN Spiritual Operating System within as you let go of distractions and attachments outside of Self. We then prepare to work with Spiritual Guides and Spirit by “prepping to work.” Here I align myself as neutral channel for Spirit and clear all blocks and interferences you may have for direct healing. Once prepared - we will work using Spiritual Response Therapy and Multidimensional Energy Healing modalities to identify and clear programs, blocks, discordant energies or psychic wounds that are at the root cause of your current challenges. 


We will then work with Spirit to re-establish new ideas, and energies on all levels of consciousness for direct healing, newfound awareness and sustainable transformation. Once complete, all new ideas will be anchored into your consciousness with releasing statements and affirmative prayer to set a new point of attraction for you. Spiritual teaching and mentorship is integrated into all one on one sessions, with the hope that you will develop your own Spiritual practises for Self Healing.

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Commit to THREE sessions at a time AND SAVE

starting at $200 Cdn per session 

  • Bundle of 3 Sessions

    Three pack of 1:1 Sessions with Margo
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 x 1:1 Sessions with Margo
    • ($200 per session)



Commit to THREE sessions at a time AND SAVE

starting at $200 Cdn per session 

  • Bundle of 3 Sessions

    Three pack of 1:1 Sessions with Margo
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 x 1:1 Sessions with Margo
    • ($200 per session)


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Supercharge your journey of spiritual awakening by combining the transformative


online program with Margo's personalized sessions.

This powerful combination amplifies your experience, allowing you to dive deeper into your spiritual growth and connection with Spirit. Detach from limiting patterns, elevate your consciousness to higher realms of love, and tap into the profound energies of Spirit throughout the program. With Margo's expert guidance, you'll receive additional support, valuable insights, and tailored assistance to bolster your progress.


Embrace this opportunity to accelerate your transformation, unlock your true potential, and forge an unbreakable bond with Spirit. Unleash the full power of your spiritual journey by embracing the synergy of the 10 Weeks to Your Spiritual Awakening program and Margo's personalized sessions.

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"I met Margo by chance, and in the first meeting she completely changed my life. I have dedicated my life (and career) to understanding the psychology of human behaviour, and Margo was able to break unconscious patterns of self sabotage in a 1h session. When I met Margo I was looking for someone who could help me overcome the highs and lows. I felt like a prisoner to my behaviours and negative thought patterns. In the first session I had goosebumps the entire time, and I can’t explain it, but afterwards I just felt different. This lasted for weeks and I was curious for more! Margo is VERY intuitive, she is able to make inferences about things that have happened to me without me even being aware of them. Margo has a very special gift. She has helped me so much, I now ask all of my clients to see her, to fast track their healing. Investing in sessions with Margo is a no brainer, I would do it over and over again"


- JS

ONE ON ONE SESSIONS are booked as a 

BUNDLE OF THREE Session Series

to support sustainable change and the integration of all activations received. 

Commit to x 3 sessions here

$200 Cdn per session 

(nOTE: Sessions can be purchased one at a time as needed)

Please note that I no longer provide "one off" healing sessions because experience has demonstrated that Spiritual Awakening is a PROCESS and needs to be honored as such. Some time is required for sustainable change  and the integration of the deep shifts achieved in each session. Client testimonials reveal that drastic transformation can be achieved in as little as three sessions!

Are you ready to BEGIN?!!

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