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Whole Beauty MD Inc.
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YOUR portal to Spiritual Healing & the Conscious Manifestation OF FREEDOM

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with SPIRIT - as the Conscious Co Creator of Your Life!!"



If you are frustrated because you have tried absolutely everything “out there” to free yourself from suffering of any kind (pain, anxiety, overwhelm, self sabotage, ineffective patterns, trauma, depression or illness to name just a few…. ) and you are ready to consciously create a life that truly AWAKENS YOUR SOUL - let me help you SHIFT YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN WITH THE HELP OF SPIRIT for direct healing so that you can then manifest all that truly belongs to YOU.

Let go of the idea that you are limited in any way - and let THE MAGIC of WHOLE BEAUTY MYSTIC MEDICINE help you re-establish new vibrational frequencies of love, grace and pure consciousncess on all levels of your being. And from here, through a process of remembering - you will step into wholeness, soul awakening, perfect health, peace of mind, prosperity and drastic change with ease.


“You are already FREE - you’re just not aware of it YET!!”

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Margo Dalinghaus

Work with Margo


For those who are self-directed or want a more affordable option for working with me to experience THE FREEDOM  that is available to you with WHOLE BEAUTY MYSTIC MEDICINE, I have created  Healing Programs that you can work through on your own, at your own pace.


Programs include quantum healings, self-guided meditations, affirmative prayers AND comprehensive training Programs.

All will raise your levels of  consciousness, activate direct healing from within and ignite the manifestation of a life you love.


Let go of the need to fight, fix, defend, justify, win, protect, PUSH, punish or survive and let me help you SURRENDER TO THE PURE CONSCIOUSNESS OF SPIRIT for direct healing, the manifestation of freedom AND your hearts desires. 


One on one we will work with Spirit through - Guided Meditation, Spiritual Response Therapy, MULTIDIMENSIONAL Energy Healing, Inquiry and Affirmative Prayer to clear all blocks, discordant, accumulated energies and ideas, at the root of your challenges,.And together, we will re-establish new ideas and vibrational frequencies on all levels of consciousness to  bring you back to WHOLENESS, 


This is a profound, ACTIVE and direct Spiritual process of SOUL AWAKENING where you will activate pure consciousness, your own inner healing, remember WHO YOU TRULY ARE & know from deep within What is REAL.


These intimate,IN PERSON  immersive retreats on beautiful Salt Spring Island British Columbia Canada provide a deep dive into the WHOLE BEAUTY  MYSTIC MEDICINE teachings and will open you to a SOUL AWAKENING of FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE like never before. 

Connect with me live, in person as an individual, couple, mother daughter or small group to feel the deep love, grace and support available to you on this heroic human journey. The natural setting of forest and the West Coast ocean, farm to table food and horse guided healing incorporated into these experiences alone will heal.

Mystic Medicine British Columbia

Meet Margo

Why did I develop a career based in MYSTIC MEDICINE? 


As a small child I experienced severe trauma at the hands of those I trusted and in my early twenties developed numerous symptoms from the deep psychic wounds I had experienced and repressed. Panic attacks, generalized anxiety and depression all plagued me with debilitating fear and dysfunctional thought forms. And without the appropriate help, I then moved into despair in my thirties, then with small children, feeling like the trauma and its impact was bigger than me, and that it would take over my life. Chronic pain and physical ailments became the norm.  I was seen by numerous medical doctors, psychiatrists and talk therapists who were all well-intentioned, but their attempts to “fix me” seemed to anchor into my system even further the belief that I was inherently powerless and flawed.


From this despair, I heard a whisper from deep within that something else was possible for me. Being highly sensitive and intuitive, I listened, and began to notice that I could change my thoughts and shift my energy for relief - and that a Higher Self could guide me home to wholeness for direct healing. I then began a process of remembering and from there realized  that I could turn to Spirit, within my own consciousness for guidance, support and a deep KNOWING that I had everything I needed from within - TO HEAL


Instead of condemning, rejecting, blaming, punishing and seeking to fix myself with resources outside of me - I discovered that -loving solutions - with spirit and a newfound ability to presence my own experience - could be found for drastic and often immediate relief. Rapid healing, and magical manifestations began to happen in my world as I opened my system to receive the unlimited resources and higher frequency energies available to me from Source. I discovered that from within my own Sovereignty - I could listen to my Higher Self and be the Conscious Creator of  my own reality. Today I enjoy inner peace, self love, deep faith and acceptance of what is. I have found true soul expression, clarity, trust, alignment, freedom, forgiveness, innocence, compassion, grace, joy, health, prosperity and wholeness.

I have helped hundreds of clients all over the world do the same. Let me show you how... 


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I have no words for what I experienced in this healing. I am speechless, in awe and forever grateful to be touched by the GRACE OF GOD. This was a truly mystical experience. I am at peace.


- KE

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