"When all aspects of you are WHOLE...




there is        BEAUTY"



“Trauma sufferers, in their healing journeys, learn to dissolve their rigid defences. In this surrender they move from frozen fixity to gentle thawing, and finally free flow. In healing the divided self from its habitual mode of dissociation, they move from fragmentation to wholeness. In becoming embodied, they return from their long exile. They come home to their bodies and know embodied life – as though for the first time. While trauma is Hell on Earth, its Resolution may be a gift from the Gods.”

-Peter Levine in An Unspoken Voice

An Affirmative Prayer to help you in this present moment -


Release this prayer to the Universe out loud in first person and watch its many manifestations take form. I too am holding this prayer for you NOW: 

LOVE is all there is. This love creates all and is all. It created me; therefore, I am an individualized expression of LOVE. I choosse to live my life as love expressed. I trust and believe in the Source of My Being. I let go of past experiences that do not support me. I stand in my good. I courageously move forward, letting go of old stories and recognize the STRENGTH, THE POWER, and THE LOVE that I AM. I no longer give my power away. i accept the power that I am. I choose to accept and believe in ME. My path is very clear. I know that I am Divinely guided. I listen. I trust. I believe in the beuatiful expression of Source that I Am. It is with deep gratitude that I give thanks - in recognition of this TRUTH. I let go and I let BE as the power of these words demonstrate in form. 

it is done. It Is done. It Is done. AND SO IT IS.

Quantum Healing Sessions
Spiritual Coaching & Self Healing Tools 
Affirmative Prayer Treatments


Your full understanding is not required to mentor with me as your Spiritual guide or to benefit from quantum sessions using


Only your faith is needed to let go and receive the miracles from Source, divine intervention, and my guided support to permanently remove all personal trauma blocks and activate your highest and best Spiritual Blueprint for restored health, happiness and prosperity.

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With newfound energy and vitality after quantum healing sessions, many ask for guidance to cultivate their own spiritual practice and tools for Higher Self Mastery.

When you are ready, I would be honored to guide you along your own personal pathway to deeper harmony and Soul Connection with the development of your very own Spiritual Practice. 

Embody Spiritual maturity and freedom from trauma via Spiritual Coaching sessions, guided meditation, contemplation, journal writing, oracle cards, working with Ascended Masters, psychic protection, inspired action plans 


Spiritual prayer treatment can bring into actual manifestation, the health, happiness and prosperity which are mankind's NORMAL AND DIVINE heritage. Prayer treatments incorporate a conscious recognition that health, happiness and prosperity have always been yours - that they are your ABSOLUTE TRUTH NOW - and are the very essence of your being forevermore.

I can do prayer treatments for you and I can also teach you how to do Affirmative Prayers for yourself and loved ones.

BIG SHIFT |Heaven on Earth
Quantum and Horse Guided
Healing Retreats

Collective small group Spiritual healing retreats on beautiful Salt Spring Island BC.

*horse guided healing sessions

*guided meditation



*gentle yoga

*spiritual guidance

*group facilitation

*table top healing bodywork

*activation of your INNER HEALER

*like minded community

*quantum healings and spiritual response therapy clearings


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to discover the impact trauma has had on your Divine Blueprint

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Email: margodalinghaus@gmail.com

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