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Salt Spring Island Retreat

Embark upon a sacred journey into the realms of profound peace, deep love, and higher wisdom - on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC. Join Margo, the nurturing embrace of Nature, and the magical mentorship of Horses as your Spiritual guides and guardians on a healing experience that is sure to transform on all levels of your being. Immerse yourself in the sacred vibration of this sanctuary, where the whispers of your Higher Self and the heart of the horses will call you home to Self and Source.

This offering is customizable to ensure it meets

your unique needs and desires.

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Immersed in nature & through a direct connection to Spirit, we can illuminate and heal anything and everything that is still hurting you. Divine healing at this retreat is direct and deep. It will provide a true awakening that ushers in sustained and real change like no other.


Are you ready to align & shine within the sacred embrace of nature & Spirit? And what is the cost of not doing so?

Open your heart to the spiritual resonance of this journey, where every step is guided by the unseen hand of the divine - so that your Soul can soar towards a life of purpose, joy, and boundless love.


It’s time to choose you.

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"The wound is where the light enters you"

- Rumi

Are you experiencing feelings of worry, fear, and overwhelm that overshadow daily life, leaving you drained and uncertain?

Do you find yourself navigating through a lack of purpose and clear direction, feeling adrift in the currents of life?

Have you sensed a separation from Spirit, longing to rekindle the sacred connection that binds your soul to the divine?

Are you battling loneliness and encountering difficulty in relationships, craving meaningful connections and understanding?

Do you carry the weight of unresolved childhood trauma, a lingering shadow from the past affecting your present and hindering personal growth?

Are you experiencing self-punishment, guilt, or shame, forming barriers to self-acceptance and inner peace?

Are you trapped in self-destructive patterns and habits, undermining your potential for growth and fulfillment?

Are you ready to shed the layers of pain, frustration, and misalignment, and reconnect with the magic of YOU?

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