What is SRT? 

(Spiritual Response Therapy)

SRT and SRT Practitioners want to bring people to the awareness of their Spiritual nature & activate their innate healing capabilities and Soul Recovery.



SRT is a healing process that creates an intimate connection with Spirit and "Spiritual Helpers" to discover and remove discordant programs and enegies that are creating challenges in one's life. Such clearings can help establish greater health, happiness, harmony and prosperity on ALL LEVELS OF EXPRESSION. 

Very specific protocols, using a 32-chart based system and a pendulum, are used to research the subconscious mind and Soul records to discover and release programs and blocks limiting your full self-expression. Spiritual Response Therapy is a comprehensive and powerful healing sustem recognized world wide because of its heaiing outcomes for thousands - for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being and balance. Bottom line - SRT works!

As above - SRT is designed to be used for spritual healing which clears blocks for mental, emotional, physical and spirtual improvements SRT is NOT intended for use as a psychic process, or for diagnosing and treating illness ( see disclaimer on this site).

In SRT, we remember that It is not what happens to us in our lives, but the EMOTIONAL ENERGY we place on our experiences through judgement, that causes us challenges in life. This emotional energy, if not resolved or cleared takes root in our subconscious minds and becomes part of our Akashic record in the form of programs. These programs are then downloaded from lifetime to lifetime until they are resolved or cleared. An accumulation of these program over many lifetimes, or in our current lifetime - can cause great distress.

What are the common benefits of SRT?


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) provides an exacting, powerful and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live more FREELY AND FULLY.

Common areas of clearing for improvement through SRT include:


Money and finances: remove programs, vows, blocks, thought patterns and beliefs around poverty, scarcity, struggle, and lack.  Invite ease, flow, positive self-expression, success, and abundance into your life, work, and business.

Career or life path: release the experience of feeling stuck, unclear, indecisiveness, or confusion around your career or next steps in your life path. Create allowing for clarity, purpose, inner guidance, and spiritual support. Experience improved self-esteem and sense of purpose.


Relationships: release and remove damaging patterns and reoccurring programs, beliefs, and behavior that are liming and sabotaging yourself and your relationships. Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying root cause issues in your relationships with yourself, significant other, coworkers, friends, family.  


Health, weight, and/or wellbeing: Dissolve health issues, physical pain, discomfort, addictions, and addictive behaviors.  Mitigate phobias, allergies, and intolerances. Release and remove struggle, obsessive thoughts, programs and belief systems related to weight gain, weight issues, and accompanying negative self-talk including anger and self-criticism.

Experience the ease and freedom of your true essence to fully self-express.

Provide for your inner guidance to resonate more clearly and accurately. Enjoy experiencing increased energy, confidence, clarity in your life.  

What can I expect?

During a session, I work with Spirit, a book of 32 charts and a pendulum for guidance. Using a methodical question-based process and a pendulum,  dI am then irected through the chart system to identify where programs and blocks are being held. These programs and blocks are systematically identified, researched, and cleared. Once these energies are cleared, the subconscious mind and Soul retains the wisdom and lessons learned and is empowered to fully self-express.  


Because you are participating during the session, you will experience a deeper understanding of yourself and how to bring about positive change in your life.

Clients are encouraged to prepare for a Spiritual Response Therapy session by creating a list of current challenges, issues, or problem areas in different areas of their life.  Common issues fall within these primary four areas: money and finances; career or life path; relationships; and health, weight, and/or wellbeing.


Clients can expect most sessions to last 60  minutes. Once most programs are cleared however, you may only need short sessions to clear discordant energies that have accumulated in your current life. Distance and absentee Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is provided regardless of your location. Distance SRT is ideal for those unable to receive a session due to geographical constraints and want to be engaged and present for the session via phone or Zoom.  Absentee SRT is ideal for those that prefer to receive a session without being present and prefer to receive session notes upon the completion of the session.


What Spiritual Response Therapy IS NOT: 

Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. Please remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of serious illness.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) sessions should be used with the understanding that SRT is part of a holistic treatment plan. SRT is not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work along with it.


The Guiding Spiritual Principles of SRT:

Embodying the following principles will enhance your SRT outcomes.

  • We are spiritual beings expressing through a physical body. Separation from Spirit is an illusion

  • As Spiritual beings, we have access to higher spiritual guidance. This guidance works with the soul to research and clear programs. 

  • The Soul is ultimately in charge of its own healing. Nothing happens that is not planned for or allowed by the Soul. As divine beings creating our own reality, we cannot be victims. 

  • It is not what happens to us, but the energy we attach to what happens to us. What you think and attach energy to - you create. 

  • As Spiritual beings, we have lived thousands of lives, on other planets and in other dimensions and galaxies. The accumulated energies from these lives can and does affect our current life. As long as we hold energy on something, we have to deal with it. 

  • Only LOVE has the highest outcome. Fear is a misperception that we can be separate from Spirit and the highest expression of love. 

  • Everything is in DIVINE ORDER.



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