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Higher Love

Where life is all things love and above. 

Embark on a 12-week journey of profound healing and manifestation, guided by the radiant presence of Spirit within our Higher Love Spiritual Immersive. Over these transformative weeks, immerse yourself in multidimensional teachings and potent energy medicine, unlocking the vast potential within you and aligning with your soul's sacred purpose. Experience healing and transformation on all levels of your being—physical, emotional, mental, Soulfully, and spiritually—as you elevate your consciousness to pure love. Join a community of powerful lightworkers, healers, and leaders on this cosmic dance of self-mastery and collective healing, as we embark on a journey to Heal Yourself and Heal Humanity. 

Next Cohort: September 9th - November 25th

Heal Yourself

Are you feeling the weight of past trauma, a heavy burden on your shoulders that hinders your every step, making it hard to move forward?

Is there a lingering sense of self-doubt, an inner critic relentlessly whispering that you are not worthy of love and success, stifling your potential?

Do you find yourself caught in a cycle of destructive habits and addictions, yearning for freedom but unsure of how to break free from the chains that bind you?

Do you experience a persistent ache of unexplained physical pain, a manifestation of deeper emotional wounds that linger beneath the surface?

Are financial struggles casting a looming shadow over your aspirations, preventing you from stepping into the life you envision for yourself?

Do you carry the weight of childhood wounds, echoes of a past that continue to shape your present, holding you captive in patterns that no longer serve your growth?

Heal Humanity

And for those of you who are already feeling quite good, inspired, and operating at a high level, is there a deeper calling within you?

Do you sense an inner knowing that you possess untapped spiritual powers and the potential to become a beacon of healing for yourself and others?

Are you yearning to elevate beyond your current state of well-being, wanting to unlock new dimensions of your consciousness and connection to Spirit?

Is there an inspired desire to channel your positive energy into becoming a healer, a lightworker, or someone who contributes to the well-being of humanity?

Do you sense the profound possibilities that lie ahead if you were to fully recognize and unleash your spiritual gifts, taking your current state of feeling good to extraordinary levels?


Whether you're seeking to transform your inner world or embark on a journey to heal humanity, you're invited to step into the transformative container of the Higher Love Spiritual Immersive. Here, profound shifts await, empowering you to align with your Higher Self and tap into your innate healing potential to heal yourself and others.

In this sacred space, guided by the wisdom of Spirit, you will discover the pre-authored mission and purpose of your soul's destiny. Reconnecting with yourself and the heart of Spirit, you will deepen your intuition, heal trauma, and clear disruptive beliefs, unlocking your unique healing gifts. On this journey of self-discovery, you will reclaim sovereignty over your life, free from the influence of external projections.

As you release old patterns of fear, codependency, and self-doubt, you will step into your power with the unwavering support of the universe. Together, we will gather to raise personal and collective consciousness, forging a path towards healing and wholeness.

Trust that you were guided here with purpose. Join us on this journey of surpassing limitations, establishing loving boundaries, and connecting with like-minded souls.

Welcome to Higher Love

A sacred gathering co-created with Spirit, for spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and healers ready to embark on a transformative journey into the realms of self-healing and the co-creation of a new earth through healing humanity.

This container is dedicated to the art of spiritual healing and soul work, guiding students on a direct, lightning path to Spirit and empowering them to harness the subtle energies within the quantum field as medicine for both self-healing and the manifestation of their Highest Self and life expression. Through this program, you will bridge the gap between your visible self (material, physical, or sensory) and your invisible self (subtle, psychic, or spiritual), for enlightenment alongside Spirit.

Guided by the consciousness of Spirit and facilitated by your Spiritual Mentor, Margo Dalinghaus, this three-month immersive program includes both self-directed and live spiritual teachings, activations, energetic transmissions, Higher Self initiations, and guided meditations and healings. This co-creative experience will unlock newfound self-mastery on all levels and awaken the powerful consciousness required to heal yourself, and become a transformative energy healer.

Inside this sacred communion, you will be guided to your highest expression of love. Every participant will receive something unique. Whether you seek personal healing or aspire to become a spiritual healer and lightworker, each individual will set their intention, and Spirit, in its mysterious, and non linear ways, guides them to their highest good. 

Welcome to a space where mystery and metaphysics unfold, love reigns, and transformation awaits.

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What's Included
When You Join

01. Live Healing Calls

  • Immerse yourself in 12 live 2-hour collective healing calls, totalling 24 hours of live Spiritual Mentorship.

  • Learn transformational Quantum Energy Medicine tools for multidimensional well-being, addressing the physical, emotional, mental, soulful and spiritual aspects of healing and manifestation. These tools can be used for Self Healing or the Healing of Others.

  • Each call incorporates spiritual and energy healing principles, personal healings, and hands-on energy medicine tools.


02. Lifetime Access to a Quantum Portal for Spiritual Awakening

  • Unlock lifetime access to a timeless Quantum Portal ‘10 Weeks to Your Spiritual Awakening’ featuring guided activations and Spiritual transmissions to support and deepen your spiritual awakening along the way.

  • Receive powerful affirmative prayers targeting love, faith, trust, clarity, alignment, forgiveness, innocence, atonement, grace - all leading to wholeness.

  • Revisit these timeless activations again and again in support of your eternal Soul expansion - they will meet you exactly where you are every time you listen and outcomes will change as your consciousness grows.

03. Sacred Energy Medicine Healing Charts

  • Gain exclusive access to the Higher Love Energy Medicine Healing Charts - curated with live transmissions directly from the pure consciousness of Spirit for multidimensional healing.

  • Multidimensional in nature, these charts serve a metaphysical, transformative keycodes, supporting healing and activation on physical, mental, emotional, soulful, and spiritual levels.

  • Receive direct guidance on identifying and clearing unseen interferences or missing forces to pinpoint the root cause of all concerns.

  • Empowering you with cosmic tools, higher wisdom, insight, and healing pathways for transformation that would not be available to your conscious mind alone.

  • Access, direct and receive the infinite supply available to you with source.

04. Full Day Pendulum Play Workshop

  • Immerse yourself in a full-day exploration of each of the 40 multidimensional charts, uncovering their intricacies and unlocking their transformative potential.

  • Gain a profound understanding of how to harness the energy of the pendulum and charts for multidimensional healing, in collaboration with Spirit and your Higher Self.

  • Enhance your confidence in pendulum use, deepen intuition, and learn to identify root causes of concerns, empowering you to perform thorough healing sessions on yourself and others with precision.


05. Educational Material

  • Enhance your understanding of foundational spiritual principles through weekly material designed to educate, empower, and support your spiritual awakening and integration.

  • Access a wealth of wisdom and consciousness accumulated over Margo's 20+ years as a spiritual practitioner, informed by substantial investments in a devotional commitment to Spiritual Awakening, higher education, mentors, healers, and materials.

06. Community of Light Workers

  • Experience the love, warmth, and support of fellow light-seekers who, like you, aspire to heal themselves alongside Spirit and contribute to the healing of humanity.

  • Revel in the unique connection formed with a community that understands the challenges and triumphs of choosing a deeply spiritual path.


Program Deep Dive

Please find a deep dive outlining the details of the program below.
*Please note that the curriculum is spiritually guided, allowing flexibility to meet the evolving needs of individual and collective participants throughout the three-month immersive experience. 

  • Week One: Intention Setting and Prep to Work
    Embark on a profound journey as you activate a Direct Lightning Path to Spirit. In this foundational week, dive into the program with intention, setting the stage for a transformative journey. Learn to navigate the spiritual realms safely, laying the foundation for the work ahead. Gain insights into the importance of intention and how it serves as a powerful guide on your spiritual path. Learn the specific steps required to create a direct connection to Spirit and how to clear all blocks and interference to the Divine, so that you can be confident that healing will occur.
  • How to Make DIRECT CONTACT with Spirit and Our Guides for HEALING & MANIFESTATION
    Week Two we learn how to prepare for the direct connection with Spirit for healing and manifestation. For direct and accurate information to come through as guidance from Spirit, we must first learn how to clear blocks and interferences to that connection and how to protect ourselves and our boundaries as Sovereign Divine Beings. We will also learn how to use a pendulum to receive YES AND NO answers from Above. We will: Learn the process of creating DIRECT CONNECTION WITH SPIRIT for clear guidance and support. Clear blocks and interference to direct connection healing and manifestation with Spirit. Incorporate Spiritual Hygiene practices for a QUADRUPLE GRID OF PROTECTION. Download new information, wisdom, light truth and understanding in support of our time together. Understand how the pendulum can provide guidance from Spirit and find your YES & NO - I AM FAITH AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER - Pre recorded SRT Healing – Clearing Blocks to SUCCESS - Workbook Insert – PREPARATION TO WORK GUIDELINES – How to make direct contact with Spirit for Healing, Guidance and the Manifestation of Your Dreams. - LIVE Spiritual Mentorship Class as above Tuesday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Live Spiritual Q&A Tuesday 5-530pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Collective Quantum Healing Thursday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Journal prompts as guided by Spirit and needs of the Cohort
    Week Three we will review basic Spiritual Principles that have guided Mystics for centuries for the liberation and activation of TRUE SOUL EXPRESSION & EXPANSION in this lifetime. Where does the Soul come from? Am I an individualized expression of the ONE? Do past lives impact this lifetime? What is my Spiritual Essence? What is an aura? What is the process of Creation? And MORE… We will: Review basic Spiritual Principles available to you that will provide a deeper understanding and conceptual framework for your connection to Spirit and Your Soul expression in this lifetime. Learn BALANCING AND GROUNDING techniques so that you can draw in and embody your own SPIRITUAL ESSENCE and higher frequency energies for healing. Establish Spiritual BOUNDARIES and continue with the important practice of PROTECTING your energies at all times. - I AM TRUST AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER - Pre recorded SRT Healing – Clearing Blocks to CONFIDENCE - Workbook Insert – My Spiritual Operating System and Eternal Soul Journey & Grounding and Centering Practices. - LIVE Spiritual Mentorship Class as above Tuesday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Live Spiritual Q&A Tuesday 5-530pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Collective Quantum Healing Thursday 4-5pm PST - Journal Prompts as guided by Spirit and needs of the Cohort
    Week Four we will incorporate MEDITATION into our Spiritual Practice to deepen your awareness that you have ALL THAT YOU NEED WITHIN YOURSELF for healing and wholeness. We will also discuss that added benefits of meditation for the alleviation of stress and the cultivation of mindfulness, creativity, imagination, patience and tolerance. Chakras will also be reviewed. We will: Enjoy a 7 day MEDITATION CHALLENGE and tune into the difference this practice can make in our lives. Review different meditation options available to you. Learn the UNIFIED CHAKRA MEDITATION – so that you can train your chakras to stay open and connected multi-dimensionally. The bubble of light created with this meditation will allow you to handle vaster and vaster frequencies, and will act as a force field of protection. As all of your energies become connected in this unified field of light – it is easier to live your HEAVEN ON EARTH. Understand the role of the Chakras in Spiritual Practice and learn to work with them for Spiritual Healing and the Manifestation of Your Dreams. - I AM CLARITY AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER - Pre recorded SRT Healing – Clearing Blocks to HEALTH - LIVE Spiritual Mentorship Class as above Tuesday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Spiritual Q&A Tuesday 5-530 pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Collective Quantum Healing Thursday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Journal prompts as guided by Spirit and needs of the Cohort
    Spiritual prayer can bring into actual manifestation, the health, happiness and prosperity which are your NORMAL AND DIVINE inheritance. Affirmative prayer treatments incorporate a conscious recognition that everything has always been yours – that what you want is your ABSOLUTE TRUTH now – and your DESIRES are the very essence of your being forevermore. Affirmations can create a new set point of attraction for you, once you and Spirit have identified what it is that you need to re establish in your consciousness for change. I will do affirmative prayers for you and also teach you how to do them for yourself and loved ones. We will: Review the FIVE STEPS of Affirmative Prayer Treatments. Write your own Affirmative Prayers. Learn why speaking your affirmative prayers OUT LOUD matters. - I AM AIGNMENT AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER - Pre recorded SRT Healing – Inner Child Clearing - Workbook Insert – Creating Affirmative Prayers for You and Your Loved Ones - LIVE Spiritual Mentorship Class as above Tuesday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Spiritual Q&A Tuesday 5-530 pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Collective Quantum Healing Thursday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Journal prompts as guided by Spirit and needs of the Cohort
    Week Six is when we can start to identify and CLEAR OUT accumulated, discordant energies that no longer serve your highest and BEST GOOD – and we will also learn how to re establish new energies and ideas on all levels of your consciousness for SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. You will really start to see some MAJOR SHIFTS HERE… real FREEDOM will be setting in – YAY!! And you will start to feel like the Master of your OWN DESTINY and the Conscious Creator of your own experience. We will: Learn how to dowse with a pendulum to identify and clear accumulated discordant energies that do not serve. Re establish new, more supportive energies and ideas on all levels of consciousness for change. Use the power of VISUALIZATION to enhance the clearing process and BREATHWORK to download new realities. - I AM INNOCENCE AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER - Pre recorded SRT Healing – Clearing Negativity and Toxicity - Workbook Insert – How to Clear Negative Energies using a pendulum and How To Re-Establish new ideas and energies on all levels of Consciousness for TRANSFORMATION. - LIVE Spiritual Mentorship Class as above Tuesday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Spiritual Q&A Tuesday 5-530 pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Collective Quantum Healing Thursday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Journal prompts as guided by Spirit and needs of the Cohort
    Week Seven we will practice using Transformational Releasing Statements to anchor in new energies on all levels of consciousness for CHANGE. Releasing negative energies OUT LOUD using releasing statements activates the Etheric Body Template in the 5th Chakra to open the passage way for Spirit to come into the heart for transformation and will also carry in from Spirit the new frequencies and energies for new ways of being moving forward. We will: Review steps and releasing statements you can use to facilitate the release of old beliefs, perceptions and judgements that no longer serve. Review steps and releasing statements you can use to call in and activate new energies and ideas onto all levels of consciousness with Spirit as your witness. Identify and change old beliefs and energies held on Self, Others or God. - I AM FORGIVENESS AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER - Pre recorded SRT Healing – Clearing Depression & Anxiety - Workbook Insert – Transformational Releasing Statements to Change Beliefs that no longer serve. - LIVE Spiritual Mentorship Class as above Tuesday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Spiritual Q&A Tuesday 5-530 pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Collective Quantum Healing Thursday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Journal prompts as guided by Spirit and needs of the Cohort.
    Week Eight we will return to a state of WHOLENESS and experience a deep remembering of our TRUE SOVEREINTY AS DIVINE HEAVENLY BEINGS HERE ON EARTH. We will celebrate in the awareness that we can be freed by the Love and Atonement of Spirit in body, mind, emotion and Spirit. All aspects of Self and SOUL will align as we place any remaining resonance, conflict or discord into a Full Court of Atonement for the amenable dissolution of ALL ENERGIES blocking our highest good. A Court ( place where disputes are resolved ) of Atonement ( where injuries are corrected ) is a powerful tool for deep healing and clearing. We will also end this session with the reinforcement of solid boundaries to hold your Spiritual Essence and energies IN – and other energies OUT. We will: Identify conflicts, challenges and beliefs that still need to be cleared. Work with the Court of Atonement for final clearings required. Call in the Violet Flame of St Germain, Grace Elohim and the Scalar Waves of Love to activate HIGH FREQUENCY ENERGIES for completion. Celebrate our discoveries, Spiritual growth and manifestations. - I AM ATONEMENT & I AM WHOLENESS AFFIRMATIVE PRAYERS - Pre recorded SRT Healing – Clearing Lack and Sabotage - Worksheet Insert – The Full Court of Atonement Explained and how to use it for healing. - LIVE Spiritual Mentorship Class as above Tuesday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Spiritual Q&A Tuesday 5-530 pm PST on ZOOM - LIVE Collective Quantum Healing Thursday 4-5pm PST on ZOOM - Journal prompts as guided by Spirit and needs of the Cohort

How It Works

Our next transformative Higher Love container is scheduled to run from September 9th to November 25th. Join our live calls every Monday from 4-6 pm PST on Zoom, where you'll delve into immersive sessions filled with spiritual teachings, activations, and healing transmissions. Can't make it to a live session? No worries—recordings will be readily available for replay, ensuring you won't miss a moment of this profound experience.

As you participate in the 12 weeks of live calls, you will parallel your journey by engaging with the activations within your Quantum Portal. This dynamic integration will provide continuous support for your spiritual awakening, allowing you to explore, learn, and grow at your own pace.

Spiritual Principles & Practice

Before each weekly group call, anticipate receiving empowering materials. These guides will lead you through understanding a new spiritual principle and applying it in practice. This foundation equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary for self-healing and supporting future clients.

Live Healing Call

Every Monday, from 4-6 pm PST, gather within Higher Love Mystery School where Margo will dive deep into the spiritual principle & practice of the week, guiding the group through a collective healing call. This is your chance to share your healing journey, gain support, and immerse yourself in the transformational power of connecting with Spirit.

Weekly Activation

Post our weekly meeting, dive into your Quantum Portal for a profound activation. These sessions will propel your spiritual awakening, even in the absence of live communion.

Affirmative Prayer

Receive a weekly affirmative prayer, anchoring you into new awareness and divine levels of knowing. Feel the love, faith, trust, clarity, alignment, forgiveness, innocence, atonement, grace, and wholeness as you initiate your Higher Self awareness with the absolute truth of your sovereignty that is readily available to you always.


Higher Love is for Spiritual Seekers, Light Workers, and Healers who...

  • Are ready to do the work for self love, love of others and the world. 

  • Desire a direct connection and lightning path to Spirit, and the ability to work with their Higher Self and subtle energies within the quantum field for healing and the manifestation of dreams. 

  • Want to learn the art of working with Spirit and energy as medicine to bring multidimensional healing to others.

  • Will courageously face their shadows and darkness, as they commit to clearing, healing, and stepping into the light.

  • Are willing & wanting to shape a new Earth by healing themselves and humanity.

Higher Love may not be suitable if… 

  • You are not ready to delve into the profound inner work required for genuine transformation and growth.

  • You find spiritual practices too “woo-woo” or outside the realms of conventional understanding.

  • You are looking for immediate solutions to your problems without a willingness to engage in deep, transformative work with some time.

  • You don't believe in a higher source and the power of energy in healing.

Ultimately, the Higher Love Spiritual Immersive has been carefully crafted for those prepared to embrace the journey fully. If these aspects resonate with you, I welcome you to a transformative experience. If not, perhaps it would be best to explore other paths aligned with your current needs and beliefs through my 1:1 sessions

Hi, I'm Margo!

Your spiritual mentor and guide on this extraordinary journey through Higher Love. 


Having navigated severe trauma as a child, I understand firsthand the depths of psychic wounds and their profound impact. In my journey from debilitating panic attacks, anxiety, and depression to chronic pain and despair, I sought help from well-intentioned medical professionals and therapists. However, their efforts inadvertently reinforced my sense of powerlessness and did not provide the outcomes I was seeking.


Fuelled by a whisper from within, I tapped into my innate sensitivity and intuition, to discover there was a path to relief through prayer, meditation, thought transformation and energy shifts. Embracing my Higher Self, I found direct healing within my own consciousness and Sovereignty. Instead of seeking external fixes, I learned to shift my awareness within, to love myself and connect with spirit - all of which unlocked unlimited resources and higher frequency energies for immediate recovery from all that had plagued me. This holistic, intuitive approach has led to deep, complete healing, magical manifestations, and a renewed sense of inner peace, self-love, and wholeness physically, emotionally, mentally, soulfully and spiritually.


Today, I guide others on a transformative journey of healing to discover their own sovereignty, listening to their Higher Selves and becoming conscious creators of their reality alongside Spirit. Experience the profound shifts in clarity, trust, alignment, and wholeness that await you with my multidimensional, integrative, and grounded healing approach.

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"Margo and her Higher Love Mystery School couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life. I was feeling a huge pull toward going deeper with my connection to Spirit, and to actually committing to something where I could devote more time to my spiritual practice. I was excited to learn and expand my knowledge, but what I didn’t know was how much my life would change for the better. Each week was this beautiful opportunity to tune in and see where I was being guided. I was given the space to really presence myself and HEAL on a level I hadn’t experienced before… and in a SAFE and LOVING container of supportive community. It was a transformational few months that opened my mind, body and soul to a deeper sense of love and PEACE in my life. I feel more divinely connected than ever, knowing that I am taken care of, and because of this I feel more confident in shining my light on the world- and to serve others in the way I know I am meant to. Margo provides the most loving and supportive space to really explore and find your light. If you are currently feeling stuck, in a phase of searching, or just wanting a HIGH VIBE group to connect with each week. I cannot recommend this program enough!"

- KP


Trust that you were guided here on purpose. 

I invite you to feel the call to rise, both individually and collectively, acknowledging the imperative nature of your soul's desire for healing and expansion. Align with your birthright—the highest blueprint—to reshape your life and contribute to a healthier planet for all of humanity. If you've found your way here, I know that you are committed to self-growth and the well-being of mankind, and I thank you for your dedication in doing so. Can you envision the possibilities available to you as you embrace your spiritual powers and healer gifts further in this container? Imagine the personal triumphs and contributions to our world that await!

The worlds needs you.

Should the resonance of unlocking your soul's highest destiny and becoming a Spiritual Energy Medicine Healer reverberate within you, the next step is clear. Join a community of kindred Lightworkers and explore how you can access transformative information and healing energy to make your difference now. It's time to embark on a three-month immersive and energy medicine mentorship—a journey where you learn to harness every facet of your intuition for healing yourself and others alongside Spirit.

Never feel lost again.

With a direct, lightning path to your source, uncover your true power and receive crystal-clear answers from Spirit, your spiritual allies, and your highest self. This transformative experience empowers you to offer profound, impactful, and transformational healing sessions for yourself, others, and humanity at large.

Your time is now.

This is beyond a mentorship; it's a divine calling to awaken every facet of your intuition for healing. Brace yourself for a transformative journey where you find your true power and gain crystal-clear guidance from Spirit, your spiritual allies, and your highest self to live truthfully, authentically and purposefully forever more. 

The path is clear.
Heal yourself & heal humanity for a new world of love, peace and freedom. 

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